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Smoking Ouid has never been so organic, amplified by the aromatic taste of Roses your senses will be satisfied by the herbaceous flavors of this beautiful Rose Cone.  

Rose Petals are used in a variety of products such as essential oil blends, body lotions, candles, and more because they are soothing and therapeutic to the mind, body and soul.   


Roses and Cannabis shares chemicals, like floral smelling neolidol and other aromatic terpenes that gives both plants their intoxicating smell.

 So who wouldn’t want to experience this seriously sexy, perfect velvet roses in blunt form?   


At The Highly Sophisticated we pride ourselves on Luxury. Smoke with your pinky out and enjoy the smooth elevation of our Handcrafted Fumée Rose Buds. 

All of our Cones are rolled with organic rose petals and are pesticide and chemical free.   


Looking to add a touch of class to your own preroll line? Well look no further! Fumée Rose also offer our products as wholesale to make any preroll line pop with luxury. We create 100% Organic Rose Petals  into high quality pre-rolls, and  Each cone is hand-rolled to perfection for a more fun and clean way of smoking. If you are interested in Wholesale Pricing please contact us using the form below.

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